Welcome to the Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery (specialty) (HUES) Clinic’s website. By providing you with a friendly and informative platform, we hope to shed some light on a variety of conditions, which anyone may face in these times. This website caters to both, the common man as well as medical professionals who want to learn more about the Hand & Upper Extremity.

Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery is, relatively, a new branch of medicine, wherein specialists treat disorders related to parts of the upper limbs of the human body – namely the hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders.

To enable patients, and their relatives, to identify & prevent certain common conditions, we have provided a brief description of the common conditions that relate to the hand & upper extremities. This will enable you to understand the disease and understand the necessary “Do’s & Don’ts”. Our FAQ section answers some of the common queries that people have when they come to us. We also offer patients with the facility to seek an opinion regarding their illness or to even setup an appointment with Dr. Vikas Gupta, through this website.

For the general users, we have an information section that talks about wellness and prevention of common disorders that are prevalent in society. It talks about how these disorders can be easily prevented with minor adjustments to our lifestyle. To start with, we have a section dedicated to Computer Related Injuries (CRI). You can subscribe to our mailing service where you will receive our “Tip of the Day”, for the prevention of CRI.

For orthopedic surgeons, doctors and other people interested in hand surgery, we have a section dedicated to the recent advances in the hand and upper extremity surgery department. The website offers brief descriptions of all common conditions as well as their treatment, thus becoming a ready reference for professionals even. The website will also provide information regarding conferences being held in India, and abroad. Providing their expert opinion on difficult cases, our panel of experts will be available through this website, we also provide the provisions for holding open discussions on such cases. Web-conferences with Dr. Vikas Gupta will allow many medical professionals an opportunity to not just share but also increase their expertise.
The website also has sections that pertain to interests in other medical specialties like rheumatology, diabetology, pediatrics and geriatrics. Here we would discuss the upper extremity problems that are associated with diseases and commonly noticed. This website is our effort to bring answers to everyone from patients to medical professionals.

Discussions: So you have a thought or an idea about a particular case but are not sure? Discussing it with medical experts will certainly put things into perspective. It will help you decide whether you are on the right path or whether the steps you have planned ahead are appropriate.

Other Diseases: We have a section dedicated to other diseases such as Rheumatology, Diabetology, Pediatrics and Geriatrics. Here we explain how these diseases affect the hand and upper extremities.

Learning is a constant part of any successful career. Reality contains more than what meets the eye and it is by embracing this fact that we have created a website that is as much a resource website as it is a place to meet industry colleagues and exchange problems for solutions.