What is Hand Surgery?

Hand surgery & hand treatments is not a new specialty. In western world this specialized field began in 1940’s and 50’s when it was seen that rather than calling in a orthopedic surgeon to treat broken bones, neurosurgeon to repair nerves, another surgeon to repair the tendons and blood vessels, and plastic surgeon to perform a reconstructive skin procedure. As too many cooks spoil the broth, an ideal situation would be to have one surgeon specifically trained in all of these special fields as they relate to the hand and upper extremities who could masterfully and skillfully handle all of these structures. Thus the field was born. The idea is a simple one. The surgeon focuses his attention in this special area and develops experience about everything that the specialty has to offer. As a result patient gets the benefit of that concentrated knowledge and experience when the hand surgeon takes care of the patient. This is the way in which true “State-of-the-Art” care is give to the patient.

Why Hand Surgery as separate subspeciality?

Just like if you have an ear problem, you see an ENT specialist, a heart problem a cardiologist, and if you have a hand problem, you see a hand surgeon. Simple! That is what State-of-the-Art care is all about. Today knowledge in Medical field is so vast and complex therefore it is virtually impossible for any one doctor to master all of the fields of medicine. That is why super-specialization is needed. The best results are obtained when a hand surgeon sees the patient from the beginning of the problem, rather than seeing the patient after delay and complications when final result is less than satisfactory.

The hand is one of the most complex and important organ of our body. Hand, when injured or diseased, is very unforgiving people can loose there livelihood, become dependent for their daily activities forever. A seemingly minor problem if not treated appropriately can have disastrous consequences. The hand is no less important than one’s eyesight. Try to imagine what it would be like going through your daily activities without the use of one of both of your hands. Early and correct management can save a person from lifelong disabilities.

What is hand surgeon?

As a hand surgeon, Dr. Vikas Gupta is trained and in techniques of plastic, orthopedic, microsurgery and reconstructive surgery for all of the soft tissues of the upper extremity and the bones of the hand and wrist as well as wrist arthroscopy and the endoscopic carpal/cubital tunnel treatment. He has been performing such surgeries for last 10 years at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. He is the only surgeon( should I say one of few for modesty but only is true) in country who is performing arthroscopy, endoscopy, microsurgery and skeletal fixation in hand fractures using latest techniques. Academically he has published 40 articles and delivered 75 lectures in national as well as international journal and conferences respectively.

At The Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery Clinic (HUES clinic) of India Dr Vikas Gupta is not orthopedic surgeons who perform a little hand surgery nor are he is one of the plastic surgeons who practice hand surgery occassional. He is hand surgeon who practice hand and upper extremity surgery exclusively

Dr. Vikas Gupta has sucessfully performed over 10000 complex hand and upper extremity surgeries.