For Patients

Any disease that strikes a patient, affects the family and loved ones as well. A patient needs to know that there might be more than one way to cure a disease, this will help them make a smarter decision regarding the treatment. For this purpose, the patient requires to have some knowledge of the ailment he/she is suffering from, and providing that information is the goal of this website.

The Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery website offers you a wide database of diseases, their causes, symptoms and preventive & curative measures. These details enable the common man to understand a disease and care for themselves appropriately. It also enables them to identify conditions and act immediately to prevent long term complications, by either taking preliminary precautions or by consulting their physician.

There is a very relevant and useful segment on Computer Related Injuries which attempts at helping the vast number of computer users in offices around the world.

We provide, through our website, the chance for patients to browse through brief descriptions of common conditions and understand the disease. The FAQ section provides users with common questions and answers that they would, probably, ask if they went to a physician. This helps answer some of their queries even before they step into our office for a checkup.

We also provide information on other diseases, like rheumatology, diabetology, pediatrics and geriatrics and their effects on the Hand & Upper Extremities. Browse through Success Stories section and learn more from patients and their conditions and you might just find that what you think is a negligible discomfort, is in fact an indicator of something more.

Dr. Vikas Gupta has sucessfully performed over 10000 complex hand and upper extremity surgeries.