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As a medical professional, there are times when we encounter scenarios, cases and situations that have caused us to get stuck in a swirl of theories and approaches. We feel the need to expand our horizons to overcome the obstacles. We reach out to our teachers, our idols and experts to gain vision and direction in our struggles.

The Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery website offers you a wide database of diseases, their causes, symptoms and preventive & curative measures. These details enable the common man to understand a disease and care for themselves appropriately. It also enables them to identify conditions and act immediately to prevent long term complications, by either taking preliminary precautions or by consulting their physician.

Latest News: We have a section that contains news of the latest advances in the field of Hand & Upper extremity surgery. These are, not only an interesting read, but also can become the saving grace for some patients.

Diseases: Our database of hand operation in india, diseases, and symptoms could help you in identifying or confirming some ailments that might be puzzling you. It contains causes, symptoms, cures and preventive measures about diseases that can affect the human body’s hand & upper extremity areas.

Events: Every year, numerous talks, conferences & conventions are held across the world where medical minds come together to discuss latest developments, path-breaking research and many other medical issues. Our website contains a list of events that will be held each month in the country and abroad.
Expert Panel: Learning never stops and there is always someone else who might know something more about the problem at hand. This is the possibility that we keep in mind when we select our panel of experts. These experts offer you their views on the cases that you share with them. Confidentiality is strictly maintained as we look ahead to solving your problems.

Discussions: So you have a thought or an idea about a particular case but are not sure? Discussing it with medical experts will certainly put things into perspective. It will help you decide whether you are on the right path or whether the steps you have planned ahead are appropriate.

Other Diseases: We have a section dedicated to other diseases such as Rheumatology, Diabetology, Pediatrics and Geriatrics. Here we explain how these diseases affect the hand and upper extremities.

Learning is a constant part of any successful career. Reality contains more than what meets the eye and it is by embracing this fact that we have created a website that is as much a resource website as it is a place to meet industry colleagues and exchange problems for solutions.

Dr. Vikas Gupta has sucessfully performed over 10000 complex hand and upper extremity surgeries.